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[+10 minutes with bonus video only for mgs] Prestige exclusive actress “Meguri Minoshima” is transferred to a school with unique school rules! ?? On the first day of her school, she was informed of the surprising school rules. School rules ① School girls must wear transparent uniforms! School rules (2) Female students must meet the demands of all men in the school with their bodies! According to the school rules, if you change into a transparent uniform, the men in the school will be lustful immediately! One-on-one private lessons that are called by a life guidance teacher and stretched out! If you actively lick anal and show a naughty honor student, you will have sex in the classroom as it is! During club activities, the teacher and seniors can get together with Meguri-chan and become 3p! At the end, a big bukkake orgy with the boys who are full of libido holding each other alternately! Receive a large amount of desire juice with your whole body! Beautiful girl transfer student, Meguri Minoshima enjoys a transparent and lascivious youth! [For a limited time! By 2022/07/10 09:59, in addition to the usual redemption points, 300pt (300 yen worth) of fixed-term points will be given to those who purchase this product! * Estimated point grant date: Around 12:00 the day after the purchase date / Point expiration date: 14 days / Notes: Customers via pcmax are not eligible] –